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'Instrumentelle Vernunft und Forderungen der Rationalität.'

[Jan 2009] University of Salzburg.

'Distortions of Normativity' (Co-presentation with J. David Velleman)

[March 2009] University of Pennsylvania USA, Legal Philosophy Workshop.

[Sept 2010] University of Toronto, Legal Theory Workshop.

[April 2010] University of Graz. Workshop Department of Philosophy.

'R. Jay Wallace’s Conception of Instrumental Rationality'

[May 2009] University of Bern, Workshop with R. Jay Wallace, Berkeley

'Instrumental Rationality'

[Sept 2009] University of Geneva – SOPHA Conference ()

[Dec 2009]: Essen University

'Humean Sources of Normativity'

[Oct 2009] University of Leiden, NL

'The Interrelations between the First Person, Second Person, and Third Person Standpoint'

[Oct 2009] First Annual Dutch Conference in Practical Philosophy, Doorn, NL (Key Note Speaker)

'Transformationen der Normativität im NS-System 1933-39'

[Nov 2009]  Conference “Israel in Europe/Europe in Israel”, Konrad Adenauer-Stiftung Berlin.

[Sept 2010] Fritz-Bauer Institut, Frankfurt am Main.

[Nov 2010] Max Planck Institute for Legal History, Frankfurt am Main.

'Normativity and Evil Action'

[June 2010] University of Mainz. Conference on Normativity

'Morality and Bad Action'

[April 2011]  Center for the Study of Mind and Human Nature, Oslo, Norwegen

'Hans Kelsen’s Legal Positivism and Nazi Law'

[Dec 2011] International Conference “2O Years Institute Vienna Circle”, University of Vienna

'Kantian Internalism, Contractualism, and Bad Action'

[May 2012] International Conference “The Future of Contractualism” University of Rennes, France

[June 2012] Max-Weber-Kolleg, Erfurt, Deutschland

[July 2012] University of Stirling; Conference Joint Session Aristotelian Society and Mind Society

[July 2012] University of Köln, Department of Philosophy

'Recht und Moral im Nationalsozialismus'

[Nov 2012] Fritz-Bauer-Institut Frankfurt am Main



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